Review: The Man From Primrose Lane


Title: The Man From Primrose Lane

Author: James Renner

Rating: 5 stars

This was one of the most fascinating books I’ve read in 2015, and the one that really helped rekindle my love for books.

It was inventive, fast paced, breathtaking and engaging. It played like a movie in my head, and I think it would make a great – maybe not movie but definitely miniseries. Well, it’s actually being made into a movie, and I’m actually excited about this.

It’s hard to talk about The Man From Primrose Lane without getting into details, it’s such a fascinating cross between sci-fi, mystery, whodunnit, dystopian and nonfiction, I fear I’d be spoiling the reader’s experience by mentioning things here. Trust me, this is a book that needs to be experienced. The twists and turns – especially the huge one – will stay with you a long time after you finish the book.

Highlight to read spoiler.[I figured the child abductor was the person responsible for the school photos as soon as it was mentioned how the two photographs looked almost the same, including the background. It didn’t anything from my reading experience, though. I was actually glad it was the FBI guy who figured it out, showing he was not incompetent, he just didn’t have all the pieces.]End of spoiler.

 The Man From Primrose Lane is actually one of the rare books I know I’ll be reading again in the future. And to think it’s Jeremy Renner‘s first novel? That’s insane!

All in all, it was a great read, that I finished in one weekend. I hope it gets translated to Portuguese, so I can recommend it to my friends who don’t speak English.


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3 thoughts on “Review: The Man From Primrose Lane

  1. Thanks!
    I think it really is special. Renner’s second book, The Great Forgetting, is also great! I’ll be posting my review of it soon.


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