Review: The Great Forgetting

I felt like today was a good day to post this one.

Image source: GoodReads
Title: The Great Forgetting

Author: James Renner

Rating: 5 star

Some books are special. They make you look at the world around you in a different way. They fill your heart and your mind with ‘what ifs‘. They make you think of possibilities.

This is one of these books.

I recently read James Renner’s first fiction novel, The Man from Primrose Lane and fell in love with his style. Then I learned he was releasing a new book soon and couldn’t wait to read it. I bought The Great Forgetting the morning it was released, and started reading immediately. Unfortunately, it was a busy week and I couldn’t read much during it, but as soon as Saturday arrived, I put all my focus on it. I knew it would be a great ride, I just didn’t anticipate it being so intense – way more intense than The Man From Primrose Lane.

I got attached to one of the main characters, Cole. He grew on me to a point that I was really caring about his future and well being.

Highlight to read spoiler. .[Cole is the main reason this book made me heartbroken. I wish he had a chance to a happy ending, and his demisse broke me. Renner telling me on Twitter that writing Cole’s death made him cry made me feel a little bit better, but just a little. It means I’m not the only one who felt for the kid.] End of spoiler.

There are great characters in this book – it’s not a one person adventure. Nils, for example, brings a bit of much needed comic relief. The Captain is one of the brightest spots. I’m a little ambivalent to Sam. Jake is the appointed hero, the official main character so to speak, but to me, the real star, the real hero, is Cole.

There’s not a real, defined villain in this story. There are mentions of bad guys, sure, and even brief appearances of a few, but what you have is mainly misguided beings. Beings wanting the same thing, but going at it differently because of their own experiences and approaches to life and society.

This book is rich in so many aspects. It is something that needs to be read, needs to be experienced. I highly recommend it.

Congratulations, James Renner on this brilliant work.

Footnote: If you’re a fan of dystopian novels, you should definitely check this out, even thought it’s not one per se, you’ll find many elements that you will enjoy.


Review originally posted on GoodReads. Link here.


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