Review: e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery

Rating: 4 and half stars

Let me begin by saying this: I loved this book! I’m a very character-oriented reader, so one way to win my heart and attention is by writing relatable characters. Jenna Scali, the main character on e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery definitely is one. She feels like someone I could know and even be friends with. She’s no super woman, no brilliant mind, but she is smart, and caring, and sometimes she acts before thinking things through. Oh and she is a cat lover. She is human.Jenna is also an office manager for a psychiatrist and a part time student. She is fun and have great friends, especially a great BFF named Quentin who is a college professor and belly dance instructor. He’s funny and loyal and has a great taste in men.

This is a mystery, a murder mystery to be exact, so it has to have a crime, right? Coeds are being murdered, and the killer apparently is sending anonymous emails to Jenna. She’s flabbergasted. She has no obvious link to the murdered girls aside from studying at the same university.

Eventually, Jenna contacts the police and we’re introduced to Detective Watring who quickly became my brand new crush.

More mysteries and discoveries surface until the truth comes to light, and it’s a fun ride to try to figure everything out.

I gotta say a few clues were pretty obvious, others, however, only came to mind after a few important questions were answered.

I figured who the killer was long before the ending, but it didn’t make enjoy this any less. Every singe character Joan C. Curtis created rang true and was worth the ride.


I’d like to thank NetGalley, MuseItUp Publishing and author Joan C. Curtis for providing me with a copy of e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery in exchange for an honest review.


Review also posted on GoodReads. Link here.

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