Review: An Invisible Client


Title: An Invisible Client

Author: Victor Methos

Rating: 4 stars

According to the book, an invisible client is a term personal injury lawyers use to refer to people who “lived and breathed but didn’t officially exist”, who aren’t productive members of the society, I believe.

Rich and powerful lawyer Noah Byron is a personal injury lawyer, and he and his firm doesn’t take invisible clients. Well, not until his ex-wife (who’s about to get remarried, by the way) asks him to talk to his cousin whose kid was ill due to an poisoned cough syrup.

That’s how the book starts. What comes next is a fast flowing legal thriller with a touch of romance and a lot of self discovery.

This is a fast read. There are exciting moments that will leave you on edge and there are touching moments that will either hurt or warm your heart. There are a few clichés, too, but nothing that could compromise my enjoyment.

Warning! (Spoilers)

>> Highlight to read spoiler. There is death of a child, the poisoned kid, and it’s very sad .<<

I had a lot of fun (and tiny heart attacks) reading this book. It’s a fun ride, for sure.

I’d like to thank NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and author Victor Methos for providing me with an ARC of An Invisible Client in exchange for an honest review.


Review also posted on GoodReads. Link here.



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