Review: The Silent Wife

silent wife

Title: The Silent Wife

Author: A.S.A. Harrison

Rating: 3 and half stars

I’ve read some comparisons to Gone Girl but I think Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch is a better fit.

This is a story told in two point of views: Jodi’s, the wife who believes she’s leading the perfect life and that she is a completely normal, balanced person; and Todd’s, the husband that is happy with the arrangement he has, but believes he will lead the same peaceful life with his mistress turned wife.

Both Jodi and Todd are in denial. This reality they created, their reality, works because they’re both playing roles, but once they’re apart, these roles stop working.

Jodi and Todd are not too complex, but they are fascinating. I can’t say much without spoiling it.

I wish there were a few chapters from Natasha’s (Todd’s new wife) point of view.

Highlight to read spoiler.
I’d love to know if she really changed over time or it was just Todd’s perception of her that changed, and I’d also love to know if she was as manipulative as it appeared to be, or if that was just Todd trying to avoid taking responsibility and unconsciously putting all the blame on her.

Like I said, a worth reading 3 and half star book. The only thing stopping me from giving it 4 stars was that I found the writing simplistic at times and the climax took too long to happen, that’s all.

This was sadly A.S.A. Harrison only novel, she passed away while working on her second book.

Oh, and apparently this book is being made into a movie and Nicole Kidman is set to play Jodi. I’m okay with this casting.


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