Review: Blacklands


Title: Blacklands (Exmoor Triloby #1)

Author: Belinda Bauer

Rating: 5 stars

I thought about giving it 4, maybe 4 and half stars but this book deserves a 5 star rating.

The writing in this book is beautiful. It’s impossible not to understand and feel Steven’s pain. It’s heartbreaking to realize he’s doing such extraordinary thing – find the body of his murdered uncle – to fix his little broken family. All he wants is to be normal and happy. It’s so simple and so poignant.

On the other side of the equation is Arnold Avery, the serial killer who murdered Steven’s uncle Billy Peters when he was a kid. Arnold is very honest about who he is, he doesn’t try to justify himself or believes he has a right to do what he does.

This book is a mix of character study and mystery, it is engaging, breathtaking and heartbreaking. It was hard to put it down – I only did because I was falling asleep but picked it up right after getting up.

This is a fast, fantastic reading. It deals tragedy and how it affects the lives of the survivors in the long term. I can’t recommend it enough.


Review originally posted on GoodReads. Link here.



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