Review: Trainwreck


Movie: Trainwreck

Year: 2015

Rating: 4 stars

Okay, so I was planning on posting a book review today, but I need to talk about Trainwreck.

I watched this movie yesterday and it was everything I needed and expected.

I am not a big fan of comedy movies, they have to have some specific qualities to make me enjoy them, the most important is brains. It has to be well thought, not just a collection of ideas thrown together. And it has to have heart.

Trainwreck has these qualities and it also have two great leads, Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. This is a romantic comedy with leads who are not your typical romcom leads. They are real, they are flawed, they are human. They don’t make exaggerated mistakes for the sake of a joke, they have very human reactions, their mistakes are the ones anyone could make.

This movie has hilarious scenes, and some top notch cameos.

LeBron James and John Cena are great findings and shine as much as Brie Larson, Mike Birbiglia and Colin Quinn.

This is such a great movie, I keep forgetting it was directed by Judd Apatow. It has his touch, but to a more evolved level. It is definitely worth watching it.

(Warning: This is a R rated movie, not something to watch with kids or grandparents :~P)


Review: The Silent Wife

silent wife

Title: The Silent Wife

Author: A.S.A. Harrison

Rating: 3 and half stars

I’ve read some comparisons to Gone Girl but I think Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch is a better fit.

This is a story told in two point of views: Jodi’s, the wife who believes she’s leading the perfect life and that she is a completely normal, balanced person; and Todd’s, the husband that is happy with the arrangement he has, but believes he will lead the same peaceful life with his mistress turned wife.

Both Jodi and Todd are in denial. This reality they created, their reality, works because they’re both playing roles, but once they’re apart, these roles stop working.

Jodi and Todd are not too complex, but they are fascinating. I can’t say much without spoiling it.

I wish there were a few chapters from Natasha’s (Todd’s new wife) point of view.

Highlight to read spoiler.
I’d love to know if she really changed over time or it was just Todd’s perception of her that changed, and I’d also love to know if she was as manipulative as it appeared to be, or if that was just Todd trying to avoid taking responsibility and unconsciously putting all the blame on her.

Like I said, a worth reading 3 and half star book. The only thing stopping me from giving it 4 stars was that I found the writing simplistic at times and the climax took too long to happen, that’s all.

This was sadly A.S.A. Harrison only novel, she passed away while working on her second book.

Oh, and apparently this book is being made into a movie and Nicole Kidman is set to play Jodi. I’m okay with this casting.


Review originally posted on GoodReads. Link here.

Legend: Robin Williams


I gotta confess, I’m still not over the fact that Robin Williams is no longer with us. He is one of my true idols, a man whose performances made laugh, cry and almost everything in between. There was nothing he couldn’t do. I’m part of the generation that received the best gifts from him. I was a teenager when Dead Poets Society came out and as a lover of the beauty of words, I stood up with millions of others and declared “Oh captain, my captain!” Just writing this gives me chills. I was mesmerized by Good Will Hunting, enchanted by Mrs. Doubtfire. I cheered that Birdcage was as fantastic as La Cage Of Folles. I cried my heart out with The Fisher King.

Robin Williams was brilliant in everything he did, but when it came to comedy he was magical, he was transcendent.

Here’s a clip of Robin on Late Show with David Letterman in 2000, being his mind-blowing funny self.

Review: The Princess Bride



Movie: The Princess Bride

Year: 1987

Rating: 5 stars

I guess my only question to myself is ‘why did I take so long to watch this?‘ I mean it! For years I’ve heard and read quotes and references to this movie but was apprehensive about it. I guess it was the same apprehension I used to have with Neil Gaiman‘s books.  Everybody who shared the same taste in books and movies with me loved it, what if I watched and didn’t enjoy it like others did? It’s silly, I know, but I was scared of being disappointed. Also, I’m not a huge fan of romance.

My favorite character, Inigo Montoya.
Well, now I can now say that my fear was unfounded. I loved The Princess Bride the same way I’ve loved every Neil Gaiman’s book I’ve read so far. I’m completely taken by the story, the characters and the brilliant and the light tongue-in-cheek humor is superb. Rob Reiner‘s directional style is delicious as usual. The exaggerated and absurd side of the movie reminds me of Monty Python – and that’s a huge compliment.

If you never saw it, don’t wait any longer. And remember: