Five of my all time favorite Agatha Christie books


I’ve always loved to read. Ever since I learned how to make sense of those symbols we call letters and create words, I’ve liked reading.

One day, though, back in 5th grade, one of my best friends borrowed me one book – Agatha Christie‘s And Then There Were None (back then it had another name, I’m sure most of you know about this). I was in love. I read it in one night.  By the time I turned 21, I believe I’d read at ninety-five percent of her work.

Mrs. Christie was my first literary idol. The five books listed here rank are a few of my all time favorite, and the ones whose plots and twist are the most vivid in my mind, more than 20 years later. They’re also the ones I’ve read at least three times (with the exception of Crooked House, which I’ve read difficulty finding a new copy).

The five books:

And Then There Were None

Crooked House

Murder On The Orient Express

Cat Among The Pigeons

The A.B.C. Murders.

What about you, fellow reader? What is your favorite Agatha Christie book?