Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was this girl who never really fit in.

She had a large range of interests, but none of them shared by her peers.

She didn’t like the weather, she didn’t like the music from where she’s from. She was the odd human out.

Those were the days before the internet. Yeah, the dark days of civilization.

I think I wrote my first online blog in my twenties. I remember setting my first email – Hotmail! – when barely anyone knew or understood the internet.

I’d spend every free time I had using the computers of my college library – the only place I knew had internet connection. Then came the places you’d pay to use the internet – those were expensive but so worth it!.

Nobody understood my fascination with it, but it was my first real chance to reaching out to the world, and find out that I was not really alone, just misplaced. Like this guy here: