Review: The Girl On The Train

girl on the train

Title: The Girl On The Train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Rating: 4 and half

I don’t remember how I learned about The Girl On The Train. I don’t know if someone mentioned it to me, if I read about it somewhere ( most likely), or I just happened to stumble upon its description on Amazon. I wasn’t active on GoodReads at the time so it wasn’t there. All I know is that I bought it and I loved it.

I remember hearing that it was being compared to Gone Girl but that didn’t mean much to me. Is it a story about dysfunctional people with sociopath tendencies? Yes. Is it a story with a less than likable female protagonist? Yes. Is the narrator unreliable? Yes. Are there twists and turns? Again yes. None of these are new, though. We’ve seen these elements time and again in movies, books, plays etc.

What makes The Girl On The Train interesting for me is the writing, and the characters. Rachel is poster child for everything you shouldn’t do with your life after a break up, but that makes her human. She is a loser but she is also lost. She had her self esteem destroyed. I got to understand and like the character, and I found myself rooting for her, cringing every time she took a misstep, hoping she’d find her way back before it was too late.

There are lies and deceit, there are characters being deluded by appearances. There are false leads and tricks. Most importantly, this is a helluva ride, fast paced, thrilling book.

It’s also being made into a movie. I confess Emily Blunt is as far from what I imagine Rachel as possible. I’d love to see Drew Barrymore playing Rachel. I think she’d be wonderful.

But that’s just my humble opinion.


Review: The God’s Eye View


Title: The God’s Eye View

Author: Barry Eisler

Rating: 4 and half stars

This was a hard book to read, not because it’s not well written – it really is very well done – but because of the subject matter and some characters. The plot, to me, is scarier than many horror books and movies out there.

Too much power concentrated at the hands of one single person who turns out to be a megalomaniac sociopath it’s terrifying.

I had to read it in small doses, cringing at the insanity of one of the main characters, scared for others. They were all well written, real and scarily believable.
Not all characters are crazy sociopaths and psychopaths, but all of them are broken one way or another.

This book has some graphic violence and graphic sex scenes. If you’re comfortable with those, you’re good to go. If you’re not, you get enough warning that let you skip these parts and not miss the great plot.

The main plot is solved in a way that makes sense, but the ending…. I won’t spoil you.

This is a book worth reading but not for the faint of heart. There are enough twist, turns and surprises to make a fan of great thrillers very happy.

Maybe you’ll finish this book a little bit paranoid, but that’s not really a bad thing, right?

I’d like to thank Netgalley, Thomas & Mercer and author Barry Eisler for sending me an ARC of The God’s Eye View in exchange for an honest review.


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Review: Good Omens

Source: Neil Gaiman

Title: Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch

Author: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Rating: 4 and half stars

What can I say about Good Omens that hasn’t been said yet?
It’s not for everyone, nothing wrong there, but if you like crazy fun colorful imagery, well, there’s a big chance this book is for you.

I heard about Neil Gaiman and this book from a good friend of mine years ago (probably over a decade ago, when we first met). It took me this long to read it but I wasn’t in a hurry – I knew I would love it.

I’m the (weird) kind of person who doesn’t like audio books because my imagination provides me with different voices for each character and doesn’t like watching movies based on books I’ve already read, again, because I have everything clear in my mind, and it could be ruined by someone else’s vision, or someone else’s vision would pale in comparison to what I created.

This book is for people like me, people who can dream and see, feel and hear the words as if they’re happening right in front of you.

Good Omens is less about character development and more about character and life happening.

It’s sweet, it’s fun, it’s outrageous, it’s touching. It’s life.


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Review: e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery

Rating: 4 and half stars

Let me begin by saying this: I loved this book! I’m a very character-oriented reader, so one way to win my heart and attention is by writing relatable characters. Jenna Scali, the main character on e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery definitely is one. She feels like someone I could know and even be friends with. She’s no super woman, no brilliant mind, but she is smart, and caring, and sometimes she acts before thinking things through. Oh and she is a cat lover. She is human.Jenna is also an office manager for a psychiatrist and a part time student. She is fun and have great friends, especially a great BFF named Quentin who is a college professor and belly dance instructor. He’s funny and loyal and has a great taste in men.

This is a mystery, a murder mystery to be exact, so it has to have a crime, right? Coeds are being murdered, and the killer apparently is sending anonymous emails to Jenna. She’s flabbergasted. She has no obvious link to the murdered girls aside from studying at the same university.

Eventually, Jenna contacts the police and we’re introduced to Detective Watring who quickly became my brand new crush.

More mysteries and discoveries surface until the truth comes to light, and it’s a fun ride to try to figure everything out.

I gotta say a few clues were pretty obvious, others, however, only came to mind after a few important questions were answered.

I figured who the killer was long before the ending, but it didn’t make enjoy this any less. Every singe character Joan C. Curtis created rang true and was worth the ride.


I’d like to thank NetGalley, MuseItUp Publishing and author Joan C. Curtis for providing me with a copy of e-Murderer: A Jenna Scali Mystery in exchange for an honest review.


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Review: Silent Scream


Title: Silent Scream

Author: Angela Marsons

Rating: 4 and half stars

What can I say about this book other than I loved it to pieces?

Silent Scream is easily one of the best crime/mystery novels I’ve read in quite some time. Well rounded characters, with qualities and flaws, deeply human are my favorite, and this book has them in spades. I cared for the main characters, I understood their journeys, their struggle. I really appreciated that the author added a few genuinely good people to counterbalance so much darkness. Sometimes, some writers, in their urge to present the reader with a bleak world, forget that there are few good hearts out there.

I figured both mystery solutions before they were revealed, but that doesn’t take away from the book in the slightest. Actually, it’s a testament of how good and well thought it was. The hints were not obvious, but they were pieces of a puzzle that gained form as the story progressed. You never get the where the heck did this come from? feeling here. Everything makes sense, and almost everything is explained

Angela Marsons created fantastic characters that I want to meet again and again. She wrote a fast paced, well thought and well structured story that left me hungry for more.

Oh, and you’re right Angela, I’d love to have Kim on my corner.


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