Legend: Robin Williams


I gotta confess, I’m still not over the fact that Robin Williams is no longer with us. He is one of my true idols, a man whose performances made laugh, cry and almost everything in between. There was nothing he couldn’t do. I’m part of the generation that received the best gifts from him. I was a teenager when Dead Poets Society came out and as a lover of the beauty of words, I stood up with millions of others and declared “Oh captain, my captain!” Just writing this gives me chills. I was mesmerized by Good Will Hunting, enchanted by Mrs. Doubtfire. I cheered that Birdcage was as fantastic as La Cage Of Folles. I cried my heart out with The Fisher King.

Robin Williams was brilliant in everything he did, but when it came to comedy he was magical, he was transcendent.

Here’s a clip of Robin on Late Show with David Letterman in 2000, being his mind-blowing funny self.